A Congress of ISUTx should be held every second year with the first congress in September 18-19, 2017. The meeting should then be arranged every second year during the time from September to November. At the Congress of ISUTx, a face-to-face meeting of the members shall be held at the time and manner determined by the Board of Directors. An agenda for such members meeting will be prepared by the President and made available to all members at least ten (30) days prior to the meeting. 


Notice of the time and place of member meetings shall be provided to members by electronic mail and posting notice of such meeting on the website of ISUTx at ninety (90) days prior to such meeting date. No action shall be taken on any of the following proposals unless written notice of the general nature of the business or proposal has been given: (a) any proposal to amend the Bylaws of ISUTx or (b) any proposal to dissolve ISUTx.


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