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Members of ISUTx shall be divided into three classes: (a) Founding member, (b) Active member, and (c) Corporate member. The qualifications for such members are as follows:

(a) Founding Member. Founding members shall consist of those individuals who, because of their qualifications and achievements, participated in the initial organizational meeting of the society held in Gothenburg, Sweden, January 8-9, 2016 and/or were elected on the interim Board of Directors at that meeting. A founding member will have all the rights of an active member upon payment of yearly membership fee. Funding members will be listed separately in the membership directory.

(b) Active Member. Active members shall consist of physicians, scientists, psychologists, nurses, other allied health care professionals, or ethicists that are active/have an interest in the clinical or scientific field of uterus transplantation.

(c) Corporate member. Corporate members shall consist of companies that have an interest in uterus transplantation.


Board of Directors
International Society of Uterus Transplantation

How to apply

Eligible persons shall be admitted to membership upon application. Eligible persons, approved by the Executive Committee, shall become member upon payment of annual fee.


To apply for ISUTx membership, please fill in our Online Registration Form.


Membership fee ISUTx: 175 EUR.

Payment info

Account number: 8105-9 914 313 046-7


IBAN: SE75 8000 0810 5991 4313 0467




Bank name: Swedbank


VAT-number (VIES): SE232100013101


Bank address: Swedbank AB publ. SE-105 34 Stockholm, Sweden


Company Address (beneficiary): Sahlgrenska University Hospital, FE 1065, SE-40583 Gothenburg, Sweden


(Bankgiro: 305-5159)


Note! Important to write liability number 94850 first, and then your last name as reference/message upon payment.



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